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Do you have a difficult project or a specific size you need?  We are able to customize most carriers to meet your needs.  Simply contact us and let us know what you need and we can let you know if we are able to accommodate.

We offer a discount of our product for orders of 100 pieces or more.  If you are interested in selling our product or you would like to have our carriers as a staple for your crew and you think you will be ordering 100+ pieces please contact us for a quote.  

Chuters LLC has been in business for over 19 years.  We pride ourselves on customer service, thinking outside the box and helping you with your installation.  We are always up for a challenge and are here to help.  

Our carriers are meant to be lightweight, flexible and carry your line long distances.  Simply tie your tape to the straps at the top of the carrier, insert the carrier in your conduit, seal off and let it fly.  Our carriers can be used with either a blower or vacuum.  Due to the flexible nature of our carriers, they are able to glide over existing cable and debris as well as handle slight bends and curves in your line.